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N.E.O Travel Baseball League

(Niagara, Erie, Orleans)


The N.E.O travel baseball league is geared toward top end youth players.


  1. League rules – High School rules

  2. May bat entire line up or you can bat 9 or 10 with an extra hitter. Once a player is removed he can only re-enter in the same position in the line up

  3. All games will be 7 innings (including double headers)

  4. Pitching – / 1 pitch = 1 inning.

  5. Mercy rule 15 runs after 4 innings / 10 runs after 5 innings

  6. Pitcher / Catcher speed up when 2 outs

  7. Balk rules – no warning given

  8. Sportsmanship – if ejected from a game for player, coach or parent = 1 game suspension / 2ndviolation = 3 game suspension / 3rdviolation removed from league (text Chris Wilson if any ejections)

  9. Individual ejected MUST leave field and sidelines for remainder of game – if double header for 2nd game also

  10. Teams – TBD by 12/1/2020

  11. Teams will play each team in their division twice and each team in other division once

  12. Rosters must be submitted prior to opening day –

  13. If substitute player is needed to make a minimum 9 players

  14. Hardship rule if an additional player has to be added to team roster prior to end of season due to injury, player quitting etc. The request must be submitted to league for approval

  15. Season – Season total TBD with playoff and championship

  16. Additional games may be played but ONLY scheduled games will count towards league record

  17. Home team will provide 1 - 2 umpires / each team will pay – depends on league/location for amount of umpires.

  18. Weather clause -Each team will have to play a minimum 6 games

  19. Games will be played on Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday or any other open dates

  20. League Standing will be posted on NY District One website – Scores will be texted to John Godfrey @ 471-1237

  21. Tie breakers – 1st head to head / 2nd runs allowed / 3rd run differential / 4th coin flip

  22. For a player to be eligible for playoffs they must have been in 2/3 of games played

  23. Playoffs will be held at higher seeded team’s field,

  24. League Fee - $150.00 – DUE December 31st 2020

  25. Blackout dates will be honored – must be submitted by beginning of March

  26. League will run from a time TBD Playoffs/Championship game will follow


    Payments can be mailed to

    John Godfrey

    7021 Academy Lane

    Lockport NY 14094