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13u - 15u NEO Travel League 




A.  This organization shall be known as the NEO Travel League




A.  The objective of the NEO Travel League shall be to promote, through supervised, competitive baseball activities, the development of youth with emphasis on the teaching of baseball skills, team play of baseball and an overall attitude of good sportsmanship.

This objective can be best achieved through the concerted effort of all the individuals who have agreed to take positions of responsibility in our Association.  Coaches, League Directors, Umpires and other involved participants must stress, through example, that baseball competition can be a positive learning experience, whether in victory or defeat.  The benefit to the youth will depend largely on the overall attitude created by the individuals supervising the program.



Upon completion of any game the winning manager  MUST  email their final score and how many innings were completed  WITHIN 24 HOURS by text to 716-471-1237. My email is  or


13U and Above Rules:



Summer League: Age as of April 30th of the current summer playing year.

13U - 15U:

90 foot bases- 60 foot pitching.

-3 BBCOR Certified or wood bats only - NO EXCEPTIONS.

Choice of batting 9 or 10 batters using an EH. EH is considered a defensive position and can play the field at any time. Use of a DH for any player in the order is optional. DH substitution follows the standard NFHS DH rule. Both DH and EH may be used at the same time. Re-entry rule for starter only.

Metal spikes are allowed.


Catcher Speed Up Rule: Only with 2 outs; for the teams that are batting the bench who choose to use this option, you must replace your catcher of record with the player that made the last batted out. For teams using the regular line up and choose to use this option, you may replace the catcher with any player not currently in your batting order.

Avoiding Contact Rule: Baserunner must attempt to avoid contact at all times. Sliding is one form of avoiding contact. It is the umpire’s discretion as to whether the contact was avoidable. If it was deemed avoidable, the offending player is out and if deemed excessive, may be ejected from the game.

Intentional Walks: you are not required to throw the 4 pitches.

The mercy rule will be 10 runs after 5 innings of play.

No pitching restrictions.


A game is official after 4.5 innings if the home team leading or 5 innings if the visiting team is leading. Games called due to darkness are official regardless of innings played.

Whenever possible, extra innings should be played to break a tie game. Darkness or field availability are the only reasons a game should ever end in a tie. Should a game end in a tie under darkness or field availability limitations, it will be considered official and scored a tie.

Games terminated due to weather that do not reach the required minimum innings will be suspended and picked up from that point at a later date.

Injury re-entry:  In the event that a player becomes injured and no eligible substitutes remain on the bench, the opposing coach will select a player to re-enter the game from the group of ineligible but not ejected substitutes.

In the event that a player becomes injured or needs to leave and a team is batting the bench, permanently remove the player from the lineup with no penalty. 

In the event that a player arrives late and a team is batting the bench, add the player to the end of the batting order. 

In the event of a loss of player currently in the batting order for ejection and no available legal substitutes exist (team batting bench or all substitutes have been used), an out will be taken in that batting position.

If a team drops to less than 8 eligible players in the batting order, the game will be considered a forfeit.

Pitching visits:  One pitching visit per pitcher per inning.  A second visit in the same inning or a total of 4 to the same pitcher during the course of the game will disqualify that pitcher from pitching for the remainder of the game.


The Home team will be the Official Scorekeeper at each game.Please check scores with each coach in between each inning.