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9u & 10u Travel League



A.  This organization shall be known as the NEO Travel League




A.  The objective of the NEO Travel League shall be to promote, through supervised, competitive baseball activities, the development of youth with emphasis on the teaching of baseball skills, team play of baseball and an overall attitude of good sportsmanship.

This objective can be best achieved through the concerted effort of all the individuals who have agreed to take positions of responsibility in our Association.  Coaches, League Directors, Umpires and other involved participants must stress, through example, that baseball competition can be a positive learning experience, whether in victory or defeat.  The benefit to the youth will depend largely on the overall attitude created by the individuals supervising the program.



Upon completion of any game the winning manager  MUST  email their final score and how many innings were completed  WITHIN 24 HOURS by text to 716-471-1237. My email is

The rules of play, other than as amended by these By-Laws, will be in accordance with the Official Little League Rules for the Rookie, Minor, Major, and American Leagues; and the Official Baseball Rules for the National and Senior Leagues.  The General Rules apply to all leagues.  Additional specific rules for each league are given in other Articles. In addition, no player will be allowed to compete in any game while wearing shorts or open toed shoes.


  • The cutoff date for a child is May 1st..Your age as of that date tells you which team you are designated to. A child can play up age groups but cannot play down age groups (Unless Pre Approved)

  • Each bat must say USA Approved on the bat for 8U-12U. they must be stamped USA Baseball-New Bat Standard (No Exceptions). All wood bats are allowed.  

  • The requirements stated in the Little League Rule Book for a certain number of players per age per team are waived.

  • All games must be played as scheduled unless prior arrangements have been made. Coaches may reschedule the game and the umpire, and notify all pertinent parties of the new date/time/place when the game will be played.

  • All games are generally set for precise starting times as outlined in the schedules.

  • If one of the teams does not appear within fifteen minutes of the specified start time, the game is forfeited. Teams must play if they have a minimum of eight players.

    If, after a fifteen-minute leeway period, a team has fewer than eight players, that team will be designated as the visiting team and the game will begin.  If that team still has fewer than 8 players after completion of the top half of the first inning, the defaulting team forfeits the game. 

    • No full inning shall be started more than 2 hours and 15 minutes after the scheduled start of the game unless both teams agree to it (this rule is in place for those towns that have multiple teams and have to get all of their games in).If no teams are following you, please play out the game with NO TIME LIMIT.

    • The team that is behind must complete its turn at bat in the fourth inning (10U and below, 5th inning 11U and above) or it is not considered a complete game. In this case, Game is to be continued from last point. Because of time constraints, this rule for the play-offs will be determined by the League Directors prior to the season with approval of the Board of Directors. The decision to stop the game based on time rests solely with the umpire.

  • If a team uses an ineligible player and/or an ineligible pitcher, the game shall automatically be forfeited, and the coach will be subject to suspension under the Code of Conduct disciplinary procedures.

  • The bench or dugout on the first base side is assigned to the home team and the visiting team uses the bench or dugout on the third base side.

  • All batters, base runners, pitchers warming up on the mound and player base coaches must wear helmets at all times. Catchers must wear all equipment including a mask, when warming up a pitcher on the field of play.

  • No metal spikes are allowed in any league for 12U and below.

  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct (swearing, throwing of equipment, etc.) by a player may result in immediate ejection of the player from the game and subject him/her to additional disciplinary action under the Code of Conduct. Players fighting are subject to possible suspension for the year. Any other NEO Travel League members in violation of this provision are subject to review under the Code of Conduct procedure.

  • As the safety of all players is of utmost importance, the following rules apply. No player will intentionally collide with a defensive player to prevent an out from being made. The catcher must not block home plate or otherwise impede a runner from scoring if he doesn’t have the ball. Head first slides are not allowed (except at the 13U and above age group).  Any player sliding head first is automatically out.  Diving back to a base head first is allowed and is not considered a slide. 




  • Each team must field 9 players. All outfielders must be positioned in the outfield at least 25 feet from a straight line between bases. Except for the 9 and under players which will field 10 players out in the field- 4 outfielders.

  • Home Teams are responsible for booking the umpires, 1 Association Umpire per game or 2 House Umpires. Both teams split the fee of the umpires.

  • All games shall be played on a regulation Little League 60’ base paths diamond at 8U, 9U and 10U games will consist of 6 innings, extra innings may be played if a tie game and time/sunlight allows.

  • Bunts, including safety bunts are permitted.

  • Both teams supply balls

  • Every team player will be assigned a position in the batting order and will bat in that position the entire game even though he/she may not be in the game defensively .Players that arrive after the game begins will be placed at the bottom of the batting order including temporary players. You may bat your entire roster if so desired.

  • A decision to postpone a game due to unplayable conditions is up to the coaches prior to the start of the game. Once the game begins, it is the umpire’s decision:


  • The rules are a player can pitch a MAX of 2 innings per game for 9U (6 Inning Games).10U will be allowed per vote to go a MAX of 3 Innings per game (6 Inning Games).Delivery of a single pitch constitutes one (1) inning.

  • These innings have to be consecutive innings. They can NOT re enter the game as a pitcher.

  • If a pitcher hits three batters in 1 inning he/she must be removed from the pitching position.

  • Once a pitcher has been removed from the game they cannot re-enter the game as a pitcher.

  • Pitching visits:  One pitching visit per pitcher per inning.  A second visit in the same inning or a total of 4 to the same pitcher during the course of the game will disqualify that pitcher from pitching for the remainder of the game.

  • Intentional Walks: are not allowed for 9u and 10u.

  • Catcher Speed Up Rule: Only with 2 outs; for the 9U-10U teams that are batting the bench who choose to use this option, you must replace your catcher of record with the player that made the last batted out.

  • The play is dead when the play has stopped. Per baseball rules, timeouts must be awarded only by the umpire. No timeouts are assumed as soon as the ball is in play. (There is no automatic stoppage of play because a certain player holds the ball).

  • Base runners cannot lead off on the pitcher at 8U, 9U, and 10U and shall not leave the base until the ball has crossed home plate. If a player leaves before the ball crosses the plate, the pitch is declared a dead ball, the pitch doesn’t count and cannot be hit, the runner has to return to the base and the TEAM is given a warning. If this happens to any other member of the same team, the runner will be called out. Base runners may advance at their own peril to any base including home, usually on a passed ball, but not only via that method. Over throws and or run downs are also possible.

    • Coaches, please observe some ‘ethics’ to keep the game moving by not allowing a player to consistently “dance on the base paths” without intent to steal, thus slowing the game to a snails pace.

    • The base runner must be touching the base when the pitcher toes the rubber, or be making a good faith effort to get back to the closest base, and remain there until the pitch is thrown. If this is violated while the pitcher is on the pitching rubber the player is subsequent to the previous stated warning for the team and could be called out on the 2nd offense. (this is at 9U and

    • The following will be permitted for the coaching:

      Only 3 coaches on a bench/field per team

    • One adult at each coaching box.

    • One adult or one player in uniform and helmet at each coaching box.

      • Mercy Rule: If a team is up by more than 15 runs after the completion of 4 innings or after the top of the 4th with the leading team yet to bat in the 4th, or anytime there after, the game shall be called and be considered a complete game. The only way to score more than 7 runs is a continuation play. For instance the player hits a Home Run over the fence he will be allowed to score. Otherwise a play will stop at 7 runs if the player is running around the bases to try and get a home run.


      • If a game is tied at the end of six innings one additional inning should be played to attempt to break the tie (additional innings can still be played if no game is backing you up or you are within the time limit).However, an extra inning will not be played if there are fewer then ten minutes left until the scheduled start of another game on that field. An extra inning will also not be played if either coach or the umpire feels that it is or will be too dark to safely complete that inning. The safety of the players is paramount.

  • A maximum of 7 runs may be scored in one inning excluding the 6th or last inning, or an extra inning.  The last inning is unlimited unless it reaches the Mercy rule described below

  • A play ends when the pitcher has the ball on the pitcher’s mound.

  • Timeout can also be granted by an infielder when the infielder has possession of the ball in the infield. They MUST be in the infield to be granted the timeout.

  • Player has to have possession of the ball in the infield prior to the runner touching 3rd base to hold the runner at 3rd base. If possession is not with the fielder in the infield. The runner may advance home.

  • After a team is up by 8 runs there is NO Stealing allowed for the team that is up by 8 runs. If the team that is losing comes back within 8 runs you may steal again until you reach the 8 run rule again.

  • 9U NO Stealing Home- This means that a player can only get home by being hit in, walked in or Hit by Pitch in. The runner has to be pushed in. A runner cannot steal home on any over throws. If the Ball is in the infield and over thrown to any base in the infield. A runner can NOT advance Home. There is NO advancement of Home on an over throw at the 9U Age Group.

    For example: If there are runners on 1st and 3rd and the runner on first steals second and the catcher makes an attempted throw to second and the ball enters the outfield.  The runner on 3rd CANNOT advance.   If the same thing happens on a steal to 3rd base and the ball goes into LF.  The Runner CANNOT advance home.  They can only advance home by the 3 ways stated above.

  • The Home team will be the Official Scorekeeper at each game. Please check scores with each coach in between each inning.