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                                                                                     2021 8u Travel Rules

The objective of the NY District One Travel League shall be to promote, through supervised, competitive baseball activities, the development of youth with emphasis on the teaching of baseball skills, team play of baseball and an overall attitude of good sportsmanship.

This objective can be best achieved through the concerted effort of all the individuals who have agreed to take positions of responsibility in our Association.  Coaches, League Directors, Umpires and other involved participants must stress, through example, that baseball competition can be a positive learning experience, whether in victory or defeat.  The benefit to the youth will depend largely on the overall attitude created by the individuals supervising the program.


The official website of the league is: www.nydistrictonebaseball.org



Upon completion of any game the winning manager  MUST  email their final score and how many innings were completed  WITHIN 24 HOURS  to:   or by text to 716-471-1237

The rules of play, other than as amended by these By-Laws, will be in accordance with the Official Little League Rules for all age Divisions of Baseball.  The General Rules apply to all leagues.  In addition, no player will be allowed to compete in any game while wearing shorts or open toed shoes.


  • Umpires will not be used.

  • 6 inning games.

  • Hurry on and off the field.

  • Games will start at times to be determined on Sundays.

  • There is a TWO HOUR time limit on travel games. If a game gets called because of darkness the result of the game will go back to the last full inning of play. A complete game is 4 innings.

  • Home team is responsible for getting the pitching machine and putting it back.

Defense Rules:

  • 10 kids per defense. There will be (4) four outfielders.

  • 3 outs per inning.

  • There is a five run rule in all innings except the 6th inning. The DEFENSIVE team must get (3) three outs to end the inning.

  • An adult coach will assist in gathering up the baseballs.

  • Pitcher must wear a helmet and stay away from the machine.

Offense Rules:

  • Five pitches maximum or three strikes whichever is completed first per batter. If the kids do not swing it will not be called. They either need to put the ball in play or after five (5) pitches their at bat will be retired. Every swing is a strike. Three (3) Strikes are an out. A foul ball is considered a strike. If the last pitch or strike is fouled the batter will get one (1) additional pitch. There are no walks.

  • A coach/parent from the offensive feeds the machine. (no coaching while a batter is in the box or dirt in the area)

  • The machine must be changed except at the top half of any inning to prevent any unfair advantages to either team. Coaches need to mutually agree on the mph settings as there are several types of pitching machines being utilized.

  • The five run per inning rule is in effect.

  • If the ball hits the machine it will be considered a dead ball and the players will be awarded only one base.

  • There is base advancement unless forced by a hit. Base running advancement ends once the ball is caught and or in possession anywhere in the infield. One base allowed on an overthrow unless there is a runner at 3rd base, that runner may not advance home.

  • Since there is no catcher this year the runners on base may only advance home on a ball hit into play.


  • The top (4) four teams will qualify for the playoffs. Playoffs TBD

  • The format will be # 1 vs # 4 and # 2 vs # 3 The top two teams will receive byes and the two winners will then play in round two followed with the Championship game.